Colombian Influence
Latinx Adoptees
S1E11 - Understanding the Unconditional

A continuation from our last episode, we talk to Ellie's husband, Will, about his more traditional adoption.

S1E10 - Managing Conservatorship

A term we had not experienced first hand-- listen in as Ellie tells us about her story!

S1E9 - Women of Impact

Today we talk about our recent accomplishments and plans to come!

S1E8 - Family Fishing Trip

What brings a family together better than a fishing trip? In this case, nothing.

S1E7 - Synchronicity Part 2

Part two of Jenn's story brings us a lot of new discoveries with adoption and mental health...

S1E6 - Synchronicity Part 1

Nuns in bars, a town scandal, jail time-- a recipe for a dramatic saga! You would not believe everything Jenn has been through.

S1E5 - From Texas to Minnesota

Today we discuss intrafamily adoption with our friend & coworker, Alese.

S1E4 - It's My Birthday, I Can Cry if I Want To

Erika & Resa talk birthdays, arrival days, and the importance of cake for all occasions!