Colombian Influence
Latinx Adoptees
S2E16 - One Year Celebration!

One year into the podcast, where are we now?

S1E15 - You Are the One You've Been Waiting For

Coming out of the Fog is a complicated process for adoptees to discover their identity, and that's what we're diving into today!

S1E14 - A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Family resemblance was always something that fascinated Eric while growing. up, and later it became a staple for his photography career.

S1E13 - Welcome, Mackenzie! (Part II)

Our conversation was too good to cut short, so here is part two of our conversation with Caren, Dustin, & Mackenzie!

S1E12 - Welcome, Mackenzie!

We have a longer, two part-episode this week, but I promise it's worth it!! We are so thrilled to welcome Mackenzie to the adoptee community!

S1E11 - Understanding the Unconditional

A continuation from our last episode, we talk to Ellie's husband, Will, about his more traditional adoption.

S1E10 - Managing Conservatorship

A term we had not experienced first hand-- listen in as Ellie tells us about her story!

S1E9 - Women of Impact

Today we talk about our recent accomplishments and plans to come!