Colombian Influence
Latinx Adoptees
S2E22 - Book Club: Primal Wound Chapter 1

Today is day one of our bookclub, discussing Primal Wound Chapter 1!

S2E21 - Naming the Problematic Elements of Adoption

In this episode with Kate, we identify and name some of the ways the Savior Complex plays into transracial adoption, as we discuss her experience adopting from Haiti.

S2E20 - Experience as a Transracial Adoptee

Thank you to Mariah for joining us for Black History Month. Mariah is a domestic adoptee from a family that is multi-racial: white parents raising multiple transracial adoptees. Today we discuss the complexities surrounding multi-racial families containing transracial adoptees.

S2E19 - How to Make a Great First Impression

Resa has always been known for making an entrance, but maybe none like this. For this episode, we sat down with Teresa's(as she's known at home) parents, Mary & Steven and asked about their experience adopting her from Colombia.

S2E18 - The Meeting with the Orange Chairs

The Meeting with the Orange Chairs is how Erika's origin story began, believe it or not! For this episode, we sat down with Erika's parents, Sally & Lowell, and asked them to tell us about their experience adopting Erika from Colombia.

S2E17 - Psychology & Adoption

Krista Nelson, from Family Circle Counseling in St Paul, Minnesota, joins us in this episode to address some of the complexities with adoption and mental wellness.

S2E16 - One Year Celebration!

One year into the podcast, where are we now?

S1E15 - You Are the One You've Been Waiting For

Coming out of the Fog is a complicated process for adoptees to discover their identity, and that's what we're diving into today!